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29th-Oct-2014 07:16 am - expert with some expertise
Serge 2012
"Yes, it *is* easy for me to say what can and can’t be done with this. It’s been my area of expertise for years and thru three versions of it."

So I wrote to my coordinator last night.
19th-Oct-2014 09:40 am - time compressed
Time Tunnel
After spending two workdays within one official workday on that work project, and two workdays within one official dayoff, I went to bed late last night, woke up early, had a light breakfast then a much needed shower, napped on the couch, woke up, went out to get coffee for Sue, and napped again on the couch. I think I'll now watch last night's episode of "Doctor Who".
16th-Oct-2014 02:50 pm - the hand... held
Serge 2012
I did some metaphorical handholding at work today.
16th-Oct-2014 06:57 am - from over-the-top
Serge 2012
A few days ago, I watched the ad for "The Blues Brothers". It included a scene that happens near the end, when the Brothers rush into a building to pay the orphanage's taxes to city clerk Steven Spielberg. The plaza shows dozens of police cars, tanks, people in battle armor, snipers on the roof. It occurred to me that what was meant to be over-the-top in 1980 now comes across as only slightly exaggerated.
15th-Oct-2014 08:36 am - zero-sum games of thrones
Serge 2011
Is the work place like the royal courts of olden days? They both are zero-sum games after all.
14th-Oct-2014 06:58 am - breathing and the imperfect sword
Jack Campbell's space opera "Imperfect Sword" marks the 2nd *and* the 3rd time I've been tuckerized in an SF novel. This time though, I didn't wind up with a bullet in my head. My character is still breathing. So far.
13th-Oct-2014 06:19 pm - noir words
"One nice thing about stories is that their words will chase your own thoughts out of your head and help you sleep. Also, you wake up in the morning without booze's headache."

- first line of yet another noir story I'd write if I could write
11th-Oct-2014 12:57 pm - "wish I may"
"It was only a month later he died... And it was so like him... He'd pulled some gunrunners off a boat. Gotten them to safety. Gunrunners... He wouldn't risk anyone's life. Even theirs. But he knew they'd been smuggling something else, for a local Pyramid cell... He must've tried to deactivate it."

- a supervillain about the death of his archnemesis in issue #16 of Kurt Busiek's "Astro City"
11th-Oct-2014 12:55 pm - a tolerable lady
I thought the email was addressed to me since its title was 'hi gentleman', but the actual letter began with 'Aloha dear Kameron'. As for the letter itself...

"I am sensitive and feminine and strong and purposeful at the same time.
I am tolerable and punctual. I believe we must treat people the way we
would like to be treated... I love to read and to decorate my
place with my hands. More to come. Juliana"

So Juliana is a tolerable person who comes on time, and who can regenerate her limbs. I'll pass.
8th-Oct-2014 09:53 am - "Alien Legion: Uncivil War"
Serge 2012
I read 4-issue comic book "Alien Legion: Uncivil War" and I must say I'm disappointed. The first three issues are non-stop bangbang action made confusing by cluttered art, and the fourth issue is more of the same, plus some events that should have been the focus of the whole affair.
6th-Oct-2014 03:40 pm - legs
Today I watched the two most recent episodes of "Doctor Who" and I think this Doctor has finally found his sea legs.
6th-Oct-2014 12:49 pm - oiled and ready
Today is a vacation day, so I took our vehicle to the Honda dealer for an oil change and an overall inspection. It's now ready for the Albuquerque/Denver drive for MileHiCon.

In related news, I've been scribbling titles down for the panel on forgotten movies and tv shows. Got myself a few good ones so far.
4th-Oct-2014 11:03 am - done with the good omens
Serge 2012
I just finished reading "Good Omens".
3rd-Oct-2014 07:47 am - "Gotham"
Serge 2012
We watched the 2nd episode of "Gotham" last night. Good stuff. Sean Pertwee as Alfred is my favorite. I did get a kick out of realizing that Selina Kyle is played by an actress who looks like a young Michelle Pfeiffer.
1st-Oct-2014 12:20 pm - plumbing depths
Jefferies Tube
A problem today with our new system reminded me of Mister Scott's comment about plumbing. Again.
1st-Oct-2014 08:45 am - apparently the only one
Serge 2012
According to one of our newbies, I'm the only person in the team who's always available to answer questions.
30th-Sep-2014 07:07 pm - "Portraits Hung in Empy Halls"
Vincent smiled. He was being playful once again. “Your name. In Greek it means God’s gift. I know that is so because my brother’s name is Theo. So farewell for now, kind Gift of God.”

- from Kc Ball's story "Portraits Hung in Empty Halls", about a Seattle sidewalk artist named Vincent
29th-Sep-2014 06:37 am - "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Over on Facebook, Lee Moyer asked us what our favorite Alan Moore story was. Two of us came up with "For the Man Who Has Everything", where Superman is shown what his life would have been if Jor El had been wrong about Krypton's fate. His dream turns out to be a nightmare.
28th-Sep-2014 02:05 pm - Yay! And I wasn't even trying...
I wish I could say it was the result of a cunning plan.

Sue and I both went to the gym this morning. I usually end my workout before she does hers, so I bring something to read. This morning, right after the gym, I needed to get a few things at the grocery store and when I came back to our car, Sue was reading my copy of "Good Omens", which I had dropped between our seats.
28th-Sep-2014 06:31 am - 29th anniversary
Today is the 29th anniversary of Sue and I moving in together.
27th-Sep-2014 09:29 pm - if someone who called you a Friend...
Serge 2012
If someone who called you a Friend does not respond to your emails of the last few months, and you know that that person is alive, you must conclude that, for reasons unknown, you are not considered a Friend or even a friend anymore. That's disappointing. But, in the end, it's that person's loss.
26th-Sep-2014 05:16 pm - better with that cure
Serge 2012
My cure to today's mood involved going to a bookstore to buy a book, to be followed later tonight by the resumption of my reading "Good Omens".
26th-Sep-2014 01:36 pm - another Noir line
"If you know where and when you lost that piece of your soul, is it truly lost?"

-First line of another Noir story I'd write if I could write stories.
26th-Sep-2014 10:58 am - alcohol poisoning
"If I drank every time I lose a piece of my soul, my liver would be suffering from alcohol poisoning."

Me to a former co-worker about my current job
26th-Sep-2014 06:24 am - like a hospital
Jefferies Tube
"Hell of a way to run a hospital!"

Our new system's servers needed some patches installed last night, which were handled by our night-shift folks. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that some of our scheduled tasks later failed. It turns out that the patching had shut down the process that allows the transmission of files from our server to another system's. That got fixed quickly, but it reminded me of the scene in "The Andromeda Strain" when hell is literally breaking loose and the old sterno drunk who survived the strain expresses his disgust at the situation. It's fixed now, but, like Mister Scott said, the more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.
25th-Sep-2014 07:33 am - happy happy joy joy!
I received a very nice email from a friend this morning.
22nd-Sep-2014 11:36 am - a day off
Serge 2012
I'm taking today off.
You have to use your vacation days off or lose them.
21st-Sep-2014 02:56 pm - the day so far
Serge 2012
Floor has been vacuumed and washed. Grocery has been acquired. Lunch has been had. The letter back to a very dear friend has been sent. I guess I'll read now.
19th-Sep-2014 07:48 pm - the final frontier
"I've always known I'll die alone."

I just watched "Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier" and yes it was a very flawed movie. But it had moments that shone.
19th-Sep-2014 03:47 am - "bad girls"
Sue pointed out last night that 1994's "Bad Girls" really is a feminist western. Yes, the plot is scattered, yes, the action scenes use slo-mo too much, but there is the overall story. And having Madeleine Stowe as its main character doesn't hurt either. Yes, we both heart Madeleine Stowe.
18th-Sep-2014 02:44 pm - being like Cary Grant
Serge 2012
It's no fun being a miracle worker... Our higherups announce the urgent/asap setup of a new testing environment and they didn't involve me until the announcement was made. They obviously have no idea of the complexity of my usual contribution to such setups because, when I rattled off a partial list of ll the details I need to know, they couldn't tell me. I'm like Cary Grant. I make what I do look easy.
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