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from inside the Tube
weekend's travails and toys 
1st-Feb-2010 03:39 pm
Serge 2012
The weekend was busy, but a good kind of busy.


My wife has been wanting to change her work room's decor for some time so, over the last few weeks, she's gone thru all the books in that room and managed to clear off the contents of two shelf units. Still, the two units had to stay there because there were two improvised shelves on top of the wall's whole row of units, where she keeps many copies of her own novels. On Saturday, I decided I'd be sneaky. I knew she'd spend the whole day away with some friends so, as soon as I was done with the weekend's customary cleaning of the house's floors, I went to my own work room. Actually, only one third of the room is mine. The rest of it is occupied(1) by my wife's many other shelf units and reference books. So in that room I bravely went and cleared up the top of some shelf units(2). With some bricks, I strengthened the improvised shelves already on top of those units. Then, I spent a few hours moving those aforementionned copies of my wife's novels. That took so long because I could only carry a few books at a time. Eventually I was done with it. Then I moved the now completely freed units from my wife's work room to our garage.

At last I could relax.
I sat on the living room's couch to relax and read.
And promptly nodded off and on.


My wife likes growing her own flowers for our backyard so I spent yesterday morning setting up temporary tables and fluorescent lamps in the dining room, after which I had to clean up the garage where those things had been stored.

Did I then call it a day?
What? Do you think I'm some kind of sloth?
("As a matter of fact, Serge...")

A few days ago, I had moved her art table from the dining room to our guest room because we were going to need the former's space for her gardening project. Yesterday it occurred to me that, with those shelf units now gone from her work room, her art table could easily fit. So a bit more time was spent on that.

At last I could relax.
I sat on the living room's couch to relax and read.
And promptly nodded off and on.

Until supper time.
After that, we finally gave each other our wedding presents. Yes, that's a few days late, but the gift she had bought for me to give her was going to show up late so we decided to wait until then. So, last night, she gave me the gifts I had bought for her to give me - Volumes Three and Four of The Complete Doctor Strange. Then I gave her 'my' present.


(1) If I were anything less than a gentleman, I'd call it a ghastly clutter, but I am a gentleman, so I won't call it that.

(2) Translation... I moved things to some surprisignly free spots elsewhere in the room.
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