Serge_LJ (serge_lj) wrote,

steampunk - or liking (or not) whatever ones likes (or doesn't)

A recent post by a certain Scottish Author of F/SF decrying the popularity of Steampunk has been talked about in various venues of the blogopshere. The gist of his argument appears to be that, if one enjoys such tales, or if one enjoys dressing up in fashions inspired by such tales, then one is endorsing the social darwinism, the sexism, the ugliness, the racism and the genocides that went on during the 19th Century.

Presumably this supposes that one also endorses the dental care of the 19th Century.

Is this last bit silly? Yes, but no more so than what that certain British Author of F/SF proposed, which strikes me as the grumpiness of someone who won't be happy until we stop liking what we like, when he could go on liking what he likes while we like what we like.

Does that attitude remind you of the crap you had to put up with in high school, if you grew up in the days before SF became more respectable?

That being said, I myself prefer the steampunk written before the genre became popular in 2006, but there are modern writers I enjoy - for example, GD Falksen. Others though are free to like whatever else they like.

By the way, below is a 2010 steampunk book I like a lot. Yes, my friend Abi made it for me as a gift.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go put on my Victorian Time Traveller's outfit. I must hop back to the Hugo Ceremonies of 2009's worldcon. You see, I was one of the ushers, which is how I got to chat with two people accompanying a writer - both of them black ladies dressed in 1930s fashion. I must go back and warn them that, by being thus attired, they are endorsing a recent era when they could still be openly considered subhuman.

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