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from inside the Tube
the plight of the essential person 
17th-Aug-2015 08:38 am
Serge 2012
I am essential.

Until our new system becomes fully functional ("In every way," as Data said to Tasha Yar), our old system will be kept chugging along. Now, I've been transferred to the new system's crew (bilge handler) more than one year ago, and have not been involved in the old system's support since then. When I came in today and saw an email warning everybody that the old system had gone belly up, I figured that the people in charge would take care of it. Then I was pinged by my boss. She wanted to know if I knew whether or not the issue was being addressed. I did what she could have done. I looked up the well-documented cell phone of the old system's manager and brought the situation to his attention.
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